Dauda Awwal Books


by DAUDA AWWAL ,Author

This book is based on the role of marketing with the five marketing concepts in any business and modern day social media networking.

How digital marketing can grow your business is available in this book. Generally, marketing plays a vital role in the everyday lives of people.

It provides a positive or negative relationship between marketers and customers. However, marketing targets a specific audience and gives access to mass marketing at an affordable price of the product at the right time, right place.

Marketing creates a good relationship between the marketers and customers, increasing the potential customer satisfaction and generate revenue to the marketer through the good communication, dialogue and marketing concept which relates to the needs of its customer, benefiting the marketer and the customer. Promotion of the product with a value cost on social media attracts increasing audience engagement.

Digital marketing is popular because businesses have identified the place to distribute their product; the expert agrees that digital marketing trends maximize the businesses with additional challenges. Modern companies must put users first and create a marketing strategy and use the 4ps of marketing to promote their product or service to survive as a marketer.

Numerous networks help marketers to improve business performance by learning from other competitors.

Due to the alarming rate of the online fraudulent, fake identity, fake business websites, fake business news on social media which has affected both individual and many societies, business organization, customers: Government, police, businessmen, PR, must work together to address the problems and monitor the social media 24hours daily to curb the online fraudulent and make the social media marketing reliable and confidence for the users